Comparison chart of Bible Translations (style and readability level)

Who wrote the Bible? 

Who wrote the gospel of Mark? What was his association with the apostles?

Who wrote the NT books of James and Jude? Were they apostles? Were they disputed books?

Was Ephesians written to the church at Ephesus? Was it written by Paul?

Evaluating differing views on how the Bible was written

Is verbal church tradition equal to Scriptures?

Is all tradition bad? What about traditional creeds and confessions of faith?

Experiences as Scriptures?  Near Death Experiences (NDE's) and return visits to heaven and hell.

Understanding how to read and study and apply your Bible.

How to understand the meaning of any word in Scriptures.

Literal Hermeneutics and Allegory: Are there allegorical passages in Scriptures?

Five Reformation Solas. (Did Martin Luther add "alone" to grace? - see third footnote)

Anointing with oil.  How are we to understand James 5:13-16?

Defining heaven and hell (how mistranslations can affect our views of the afterlife)

Resolved to study God's Word.  Fifteen reasons why I should.

What does the Bible really say about homosexuality?

How many times does the New Testament refer to the Old Testament in the Bible?

Understanding crowns in Roman culture. How would a first century era reader understand the crowns mentioned in the New Testament?

Deduced Doctrine of Scriptures: The Trinity

Religions claiming to have more accurate Scriptures or continuations of Scriptures

Are Mormon's Christian?

The Roman Catholic Church

The Heart of Islam

Mistakes, discrepancies, lost parts of the Bible, missing places?

Acts 8:37 - A missing or added passage? Why in some translations and not others?

How old was Jehoiachin when he began to reign? (Doesn't the Bible have mistakes?)

Who killed Goliath and related textual questions?

Was Daniel's prophecy of coming kingdoms accurate?

Is the Tower of Babel a reasonable account?

Additions to the book of Daniel. Will the real Daniel please stand up!

Disputed passage in John (John 7:53-8:11). Is this passage Scriptures?

The Lord's Prayer, Matthew and Luke, Long form or short. The issue of manuscript variants and meaning of the wording in the orginal text.

Don't Matthew and Luke disagree on the genealogy of Jesus?

Don't Matthew and Luke disagree about whether Mary and Joseph were engaged or married?

How many were in Jacob's family when they went down to Egypt in Joseph's day?

Is the mustard seed, or plant, proof of a scientific error in Scriptures?

Who anointed Jesus? Mistaken Marys (and Simons too)

Sunday versus Saturday Sabbath?

Differences in the Lord's Prayer - Debts and Sins

Gospel of Barnabas - 'Gospel' that claims Jesus didn't die.

No Ethiopian Queen Candace shows the Bible is wrong?

Was Moses' wife a Midianite or a Cushite?

Legendary Tarshish? Searching for a real place.

Understanding the events of Jesus' nativity and the star.

Do We Need the Bible?