Brent teaching at Ohio seminar
(Tables provide a great relaxed setting and a place for taking notes)

The seminar is of interest to young and old alike!

Another evening at the Ohio seminar.  People will come for multiple sessions

Manuscript display during a seminar
(Greek, Hebrew, Latin, Ge'ez, German and English)

Historical artifacts being exhibited during the seminar

Brent teaching at New Brunswick seminar
(using existing media set up at the church)

Our manuscript display at New Brunswick seminar
(yes, the manuscripts can be shipped long distances!)

Another evening at New Brunswick seminar


Historical Bible leaves on display

Brent answering questions at a seminar in Tennessee

More historical Bible leaves and scroll fragments on display

Brent teaching during a seminar in Tennessee

The entire seminar utilizes on screen media (this is our smallest screen)

Brent enabling a blind girl to try an 1842 pre-Braille Bible
such as Fanny J. Crosby would have used.

A mostly teen group taking the seminar through Cottage Cove's DTI

Brent teaching the seminar at Cottage Cove's DTI


Brent teaching during a seminar in northern Ohio


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